ABeam Digital

Who We Are

A global consulting firm originating in Japan, in Asia, ABeam Digital supports companies amid the enterprise transformations of the digital age, applying the abundant knowledge and superb performance commanded by ABeam Consulting. At ABeam Digital, we support digitization of a company’s entire value chain, creating what we define as the “Digital Value Chain” through an entirely new organization with specialized expertise in “Digital Marketing”, “IoT”, “Analytics” and “Sports & Entertainment”.

IoT Sector

In the IoT sector, we treat materiel, people, processes, money, companies, etc., as “things” in order to help companies apply digital technology to achieve transformation of their corporate and business operations. We help construct a digital value chain, providing real links between people and things, between internal and external, between company and company, between past, present and future, and between field and office, and more. This is how we help build infrastructure that provides new value to our clients—through comprehensive solutions covering from strategy formulation through to business creation, BPR, digital infrastructure construction, and maintenance/operation.

AI Sector

In the digital age, expanding profit and growth require corporate transformation driven by enormous volumes of data and diverse technologies. In Advanced Intelligence sector, we work together with corporate clients, contributing to the achievement of business breakthroughs in marketing, sales, risk, safety, production, procurement, distribution, human resources accounting and many other areas that pose challenging issues. On top of our wealth of knowledge, experience and business intelligence, we bring on the power of analytics to make breakthroughs happen.

Sports & Entertainment Sector

In the Sports & Entertainment Sector, we put digital technology and data to the fullest possible use to support business operations in the sports industry. Up to now, ABeam Consulting has worked to expand sports betting sales as a source of sports promotion revenue, and to promote the utilization of sports facilities, strengthen sports club management and improve athletic performance. By integrating the knowledge, experience and technologies we have accumulated through these efforts, we strengthen the sports industry ecosystem, creating new value and contributing to the revitalization of the sports industry.

What We Do

ABeam Customer Experience Transformation

ABeam Customer Experience Transformation is a digital marketing solution that optimizes the customer experience. It begins as we integrate diverse company-internal data, such as that from enterprise applications, with enormous volumes of data collected from customer contacts. This enables the application of sophisticated analytical methods to render a deeper understanding of the customer.

ABeam IoT Platform

ABeam IoT Platform is a solution to realize corporate digital transformation, utilizing digital technology. It is an IoT platform that consists of data collections from people, things, and environment (Big Data), transformation of the Big Data into valuable data (Rule Engine), linkage and integration of Big Data with ERP and other enterprise applications (Connector), and applications exploiting the data (Application).

ABeam Digital Analytics

ABeam Digital Analytics does more than boost company Business Intelligence power, as “ABeam BI” does so well. It also makes maximum use of state-of-the-art digital technology for the Big Data/IoT age across the full range of corporate activities. Our consultants’ abundant experience and expertise in business processes and industries help this solution optimize business actions, speed up the PDCA cycle, and achieve new success together with the client.

Digital Solutions for Sports & Entertainment

With Digital Solutions for Sports, we provide broad-based support that ranges from the gathering of diverse data made possible by the latest digital technologies, to links between data sets, to the latest BI-based analysis. By integrating these capabilities with our past accumulation of practical knowledge and experience, we can generate new value throughout the sports industry ecosystem.

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