Supply Chain Management

Helping realize a next-generation smart supply chain: linking global with local-- linking the SCM workplace with middle-management and corporate administration

The fundamental concept behind SCM is to gain a fresh understanding of each individual logistic element, from the raw materials supplier to the final customer, as comprising a single business process. The task, then, is to continually optimize this process as a whole entity. 1

In an era of progressive innovation in the structure of industry, as represented by Industry 4.0 and Connected Industries, etc., IoT, Big Data, AI and other technological elements can be exploited to optimize supply chain costs at every successive link. This is done by, for instance, connecting supply chains across industries and making inventory visible.

The Japanese economy is said to have entered a phase of long-term stagnation together with other advanced industrial nations. It is also said, however, that the disadvantage of a declining population may be the greatest adaptation to this harsh environment. It may in fact be an opportunity to achieve a productivity revolution without generating societal friction. 2

“Growth Strategy 2017”3, an economic policy initiative aimed at realizing Society 5.0 (an “ultra-smart” society), positions the development of next-generation supply chains as one of five key strategic domains. This makes it clear that a major contribution to the productivity revolution will be made by supply chains that eliminate waste and link data associated with development, supply & demand, manufacturing, sales and consumption.

ABeam Consulting’s Next-Generation Smart Supply Chain adapts the client firm’s own supply chain to progress in digital/IoT technology to forge links between domestic and overseas operations, between companies and between organizations. This facilitates a transformation resulting in highly productive business processes.

1. Linking global and local SCM

ABeam Consulting has led numerous companies in more than 20 countries to success in constructing global supply chains. While linking organizations with diverse nationalities and differing cultures together, we build highly agile global SCM infrastructure by bringing visibility to management information, designing supply chain networks, and helping to rapidly construct business processes and systems for the establishment of overseas locations.

2. Linking the SCM workplace with middle and executive management

As innovations like Industry 4.0 bring IoT technology into use throughout the manufacturing and distribution workplaces, the role of coordinating interests among multiple departments and aligning the goals of management and the workplace is more in demand than ever before. How is digital data to be put to use? How can refinements to management be made most effective? Our consultants understand these questions in terms of both business processes and IT, enabling them to take a leadership role in efforts to achieve these transformations.

3. Linking manufacturers with distribution and retail

Amid the backdrop of advances in data linkage using digital technology and more sophisticated demand forecasting using AI, many are once again taking on the challenges of joint efforts like CPFR4, which in the past have proven prohibitively difficult. As manufacturing cooperates with retail, the entire supply chain can be rendered visible, waste reduced, and supply chain costs minimized. We revise industry practices and transform transaction systems to forcefully move forward with changes that may be accompanied by some pain.

4. Uniform services from management strategy to BPR, IT systems implementation and maintenance/operation

At ABeam Consulting, we have more than 400 of the world’s top SCM consultants at our command. As implied in our “Real Partner” watchword, we pull together as one, applying diverse skill sets and organizational strengths to helping our clients achieve true transformation, going beyond supply chain strategy and visioning to support the full range of achievement from BPR to systems implementation, operation and maintenance.

5. Advanced SCM Solutions that achieve concrete results for items 1-4

At ABeam Consulting, we provide Advanced SCM Solutions as the “answer” that gives access to the sources of value listed in items 1-4 above. The solutions that back up this genuine transformation are how we support our clients in making next-generation smart supply chains a reality.

  • 1: Definition excerpted from U.S. Supply Chain Council (SCC) documentation.
    2-3: Source: “Growth Strategy 2017” (未来投資戦略2017), Headquarters for Japan's Economic Revitalization, Cabinet Secretariat.
    4: Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), a scheme for joint demand forecasting and inventory replenishment.

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