Outsourcing services work alongside the IT Department to support company growth and change

In an era of digitization, the IT department is expected to play two roles: Contributing directly to business by using IT to increase corporate value; and providing stable IT systems that are indispensable for corporate activities. However, it is unrealistic to respond to our sophisticated and complicated IT environment using only internal resources, and it is critical that the organizational strength of the IT department be maximized.

Working together with our customers, ABeam Consulting provides services that not only improve and maintain the operation of your IT systems, but also lead to the growth of your IT department and enhances its contribution to the business.


IT Department Challenges

Cycle of operation and maintenance improvements through cooperative outsourcing

  • What is the ideal state of operation and maintenance?
    Analysis services to establish orientation

    Operation and Maintenance Analysis Services

  • Driving continuous improvement activities for IT processes.
    Realizing proactive IT management.

    IT Value Management

    Supporting the CIO and systems planning by optimizing operation costs, proposing improvements, and improving service levels.
  • Safely and reliably
    More than just operations and maintenance
    Towards a system that contributes to business

    AMS / ITO Services
    BPO Services

    We provide services based on two concepts: "a system to support efficient operations," and "services for continuous improvement."
  • Global Outsourcing

    24/7 support, 365 days a year. Securing talent and reducing costs through global resources
    We provide high quality, multilingual support that follows ABeam’s doctrine in each region.

Cooperative Outsourcing

We will work together with your IT department to support efficient operations and provide services for continuous improvement

Instead of the traditional form of outsourcing in which roles and responsibilities are divided, ABeam offers "collaborative outsourcing," through which we build a long-term relationship to support the IT department and help it increase its contribution to the company.

Types of Sourcing

Characteristics of Cooperative Outsourcing

Overview of Outsourcing Services

IT Organization/Human Resources

Due to aging of IT department personnel and hollowing out, passing on skills and acquiring new technology is difficult
A. Supplement technological deficiencies
AMS/ITO Service
A. Train in-house users
In-house production support services/internal education and training
Due to a shortage of staff in the IT department, we are busy with daily tasks and can't implement "proactive IT"
A. Review operations and maintenance
IT Department Operation and Maintenance Analysis Services
A. “Proactive IT” management
IT Value Management Services


Improving IT operation efficiency

I am looking for an outsourcing service for operation and maintenance that can handle SAP and help with continuous improvement
A. Outsourcing that identifies issues from system operations and leads to improvements
AMS/ITO Service
I would like to know how to efficiently use SAP® Solution Manager
A. Effectively utilize Solution Manager
SAP® Solution Manager Utilization Consulting Services


IT Cost Reduction

It is difficult to secure and maintain back office staff at overseas offices and subsidiaries
A. Reduce back office costs
BPO Services (Business Process Outsourcing)
I want to reduce system maintenance costs
A. Reduce system maintenance man-hours
ABeam SAP System TCO Reduction Solution


IT Global Expansion

I want to reduce system operation maintenance costs including overseas locations
IT cannot keep up with overseas business expansion
I want to maintain a stable global quality standard
A. Global operation maintenance including overseas locations
Global Outsourcing


Track record

・Organizational reform of an IT maintenance operations department (securities company)
・IT department vendor management improvement (retail business)
・ Improvement of IT operation maintenance management regulations (financial institution)
・Improved IT operation maintenance (trading company, manufacturers, financial institutions and many others)
・SAP Upgrade impact analysis (manufacturing, services, etc.)
・Global AMS (application management service) (manufacturing and many others)
・Global ITO (IT operation) service (manufacturing and many others)

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