IT Strategy / Planning

Working alongside your IT Department to support its transformation into an IT function that contributes to business and management

An IT strategy that supports business strategy and links to business and management is essential to achieve competitive advantage. Today, the IT Department is expected to transform into an organization that proposes or promotes operational reforms from the perspective of overall optimization, and directly contributes to improving business performance.

ABeam Consulting provides comprehensive support for client IT departments to transform into IT functions that contribute to the company’s management and operations.

Key IT strategy/IT Planning Services

ABeam Consulting draws on its extensive experience to help IT departments transform by supporting everything from the formulation of IT strategies to managing IT operations that are becoming increasingly more diverse and complex.

IT Strategy/IT Planning Services Map

IT Strategy/IT Planning Services Map
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Management
  • IT Architecture
  • IT Organization / IT Human Resources
  • IT Operation Management

Customer Issues

Track record

· Supported the development of a global IT governance program (major insurance company)
· Assisted in the formulation of an IT department outsourcing strategy (healthcare company)
· Assisted in the formulation of a medium-term IT road map (energy corporation)
· Assisted in IT strategy formulation (major IT services company)
· Assisted in the improvement of IT investment processes (financial institution)
· Conducted IT due diligence (IT services company)
· Assisted in review of potential global IT partner (general trading company)
· Helped define a framework for required IT skills and in the formulation of a skills development plan (major insurance firm)
· Assisted in the evaluation of IT architecture and formulation of a road map (manufacturing)
· Helped with IT cost optimization (major IT services company)

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