IT Strategy

[Service Overview] IT Strategy Formulation Support Service

IT strategies are mid- to long-term policies and plans that define the vision of an IT department that supports the company’s competitive advantage and measures for realizing that vision. ABeam Consulting assists in the formulation of IT strategies that are consistent with your business strategies and contribute to the company’s management and business.

[Background and Objectives]

As changes to the environment surrounding businesses intensify, the process of formulating, executing, and continuously improving business strategies becomes indispensable to survival. For IT to contribute to management and business, it is essential to formulate IT strategies that are consistent with business strategies. For the IT strategies to be implemented, it is also important to create concrete measures and detailed plans that ensure results.

Overall picture of IT strategy

[Success Factors]

In order to respond to changes in the environment surrounding the company over the medium to long term, we first predict changes in business/IT trends and the environment both inside and outside the company. Next, it is necessary to define what form IT should take, what to do in order to realize IT as an IT strategy, and in what order to do things.
A comprehensive approach that involves the user department and IT strategy execution management is necessary for the IT strategy to lead to results.

IT strategy formulation and achievement

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