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[Service Overview] IT Organization/IT Human Resources Strategy Formulation Support Service

IT organization/IT human resource strategies define the roles and functions of the target IT organization and formulate policies and plans to hire and train the people necessary to achieve the target.
ABeam Consulting helps to transform your organization into an IT organization that directly contributes to business, by defining what an IT organization should be, and what areas the IT department should focus on.

[Background and Objectives]

The reality of the IT department is that it is constantly responding to requests from business departments, and is unable to dedicate the time to reform. However, the IT department is uniquely positioned to see the business processes of the entire company, and as such, management expects it to contribute to improving business performance by proposing and promoting business reforms from a holistic perspective.
Today’s IT function must formulate IT organization/IT human resources strategies to reinvent itself into a group that transforms business, that is, a "Business Transformation Office."

What Kind of IT Department to Aim for(Business Transformation Office)

[Success Factors]

For the IT organization to transform into a "Business Transformation Office”, the first step is to identify the areas the in-house IT department should focus on. Once the future vision is clear, the personnel requirements/means of realization are determined.
It is also necessary to develop mid- to long-term policies and plans to acquiring and develop talented personnel to manage the IT organization.

IT organization/IT human resources strategy formulation

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