IT Operation Management

[Service Overview]

IT operations management is the collective term for the management of operations that ensure visualization and steady execution of the IT department’s individual operations for the realization of IT strategies, and the support service for the efficient and effective execution of such strategies.
ABeam Consulting provides comprehensive support for the operation of the IT department by establishing processes for managing the diverse and complex IT operations as a whole.

[Background and Objectives]

For IT strategies to succeed, it is necessary to manage and adjust multiple IT policies with different schedules and targets and lead them to results. At the same time, it is also necessary to steadily carry out the responsibilities of the IT department, such as compliance and prevention of information leakage and disasters.
Therefore, in order to efficiently or effectively execute all IT operations, the IT department must improve its IT operations management.

[Success Factors]

The IT strategy is realized by planning individual IT measures based on the strategy, and implementing them as tasks of the IT department.
Next, in order to link individual IT measures to outcomes, the implementation status of each measure is monitored and the results assessed, and improvement measures are implemented. It is also necessary to plan individual IT measures from the IT strategy, and to prepare standard processes and judgment criteria for the IT operations to monitor/assess the IT measures.

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