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[Service Overview] IT Investment Management Support Services

IT investment management is general IT budget management (Plan-Do-Check-Act – PDCA) with the objective of creating IT results, in relation to business value realized by business strategies.
ABeam Consulting will support the realization of effective IT investment management by creating IT investment processes, evaluation criteria, monitoring criteria, ratings/feedback criteria and systems to achieve IT investment that generates the greatest business results from your IT budget.

[Background and Objectives]

For IT investments to be effective, investment decisions must take various factors such as risk, added value, and overall optimization into consideration.
To do so, it is essential to have an IT investment portfolio to understand and manage the allocation of resources at an organizational level.

IT investment portfolio

[Success Factors]

Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires a PDCA cycle based on the continues evaluation not only of benchmarks, but also of yearly changes in IT costs.
It is particularly important to improve the maturity of IT investment management by continuously monitoring the effects of IT investment and taking steps for improvement such as reviewing the IT investment management process.

Establishing an IT Investment Management Process

Case study

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NEC Corporation of America
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Brother Industries, Ltd.
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Kao Corporation

Kao Corporation - The Asian Bu…
Kao Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of consumer and industrial c…

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