IT Architecture

[Service Overview] IT Architecture Strategy Formulation Support Services

An IT architecture strategy defines mid- to long-term policies for utilizing IT elements (applications/technology infrastructure/infrastructure/data) that support the realization of an IT strategy, and establishes a concrete roadmap.
ABeam Consulting assists in the formulation of IT architecture strategies that support the development of  IT architecture that can respond efficiently, sustainably and flexibly in a changing business and IT environment.

[Background and Objectives]

IT architecture must be maintained at a low cost and be operate stably as IT transforms with time. Our goal is to formulate IT architecture that maintains consistency and integrity in support of IT strategies.

Relationship between IT Strategy and IT Architecture

[Success Factors]

We begin by distinguishing between IT core/non-core elements, and standardization and differentiation. Next, we identify elements that will enhance efficiency and competitiveness and formulate the most appropriate IT architecture strategies for each.
It is important to define a clear concept to establish an IT architecture that can steadily meet the changing demands of of IT.

IT Architecture Policies by Core/Non-Core IT -> Concept clarification

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