Professional Services

Support for business model transformation that benefits from high-level expertise and broad-ranging experience

Firms that provide IT, contact center, legal/tax, architectural design, consulting or other professional services are now under pressure to respond rapidly to increasingly diverse, sophisticated customer need.
It goes without saying that in order to provide higher quality services while maintaining cost performance, further transformations are necessary to standardize, streamline and systematize core business processes such as customer management, contract management, project management, billing/receipts and professional personnel allocation management

The following issues are typical of those faced by business managers.

  • Is there really a market for the new service? Can we beat the competition?
    (market analysis, business strategy design support)
  • To what extent can we manage the profitability of each project without adding workplace burdens? Can we identify high-risk projects early on and come up with countermeasures?
    (management design, profitability analysis)
  • To what extent can we make potential customers into loyal customers, and maintain customer satisfaction?
    (customer management, SFA, Customer experience)
  • Can we heighten professional personnel motivation, accomplish highly productive work, and effectively retain talent?
    (human resources development, allocation, evaluation-based compensation systems)

ABeam Consulting understands the distinctive characteristics of each professional service, and provides uniform services to help with process transformation and upgrade in each industry, including the full range of support ranging from infrastructure systems visioning to requirements definition, design, execution, testing, change management and operation.

Services provided

  • Business growth strategy design support
  • New service development support
  • Finance/management accounting system formulation support
  • Personnel strategy formulation support
  • Comprehensive systems visioning
  • Support from requirements definition to implementation and operation of systems for customer management, contract management, project management, finance/management accounting, and personnel
  • Comprehensive PMO support for systems requirement definition, design and development

Track record

  • New IT service development support (major systems vendor)
  • Cloud-based billing system infrastructure launch support (major systems vendor)
  • Business growth strategy formulation and execution support (BPO service company)
  • Enterprise infrastructure construction requirements definition and PMO support (major contact center)
  • Enterprise infrastructure construction (major contact center)
  • PMO support for a personnel infrastructure systems construction project (major contact center)

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