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What is now demanded of electric power and gas companies is a management approach that differentiates and strengthens relationships with customers. This is distinct from the kind of zero-sum competitive scramble experienced in Europe and the United States, characterized by customer discrimination, as well as service menu and price wars. Since a liberalized business environment does not allow for hedging of rate pricing, each supplier must engage in energy trading to create its own new functions to cope with variables such as fluctuations in exchange rates, fuel market prices, and demand for electricity and gas. In addition, new market entrants such as deregulated electric power producer-suppliers are forming alliances with existing electric and gas companies to further heighten their market value. Electric power and gas systems upgrades (the so-called “energy Big Bang” in Japan) are about to unleash a fierce competitive battle among existing electric power and gas companies on the one hand, and new players that operate on a different business timeline on the other.

At ABeam Consulting, we have established a Special-Mission Team for Electric and Gas Systems Transformation, staffed with expert consultants. The team enables us, as a comprehensive consulting firm, to offer our clients services including business strategies for survival in a deregulated environment, support for corporate spin-offs, energy trading and energy portfolio strategy, and more.

Key services

Related services

・Customer management systems construction support
・Facilities management/maintenance BPR support
・EAM systems implementation support
・Digital strategy (IoT) formulation support
・Integrated energy strategy formulation support
・Electric, gas marketing support

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