ABeam Cloud® Hybris Express Sports and Entertainment Fan Engagement Template

Stimulating fans’ excitement

Diversification of channels and interactive and multi-direction social network communication are becoming the essential factor for managing relationship between sports and entertainment companies and fans. Fan information is getting siloed and marketing operations are getting complicated in many companies.


Encouraging 1:1 Fan Engagement

Railway fans, for example, may like taking pictures or riding trains, and they might have each specific occasions to feel empathy.
Information should be sent from companies by adequate channels, on adequate timing, and with adequate messages considering personal profiles. Digitalization is the key to keeping and organizing the diversifying information centrally and “adequately” conducting marketing activities.

Fan・Engagement Critical Success Factors

There are three success factors. The basic functions and continuous PDCA cycle platform, and the capability to quickly expand the environment around the fans.

Our Value Proposition

Successful fan engagement requires continuous and expanding implementation. ABeam Consulting has about 5000 specialists with various expertise and provides seamless services from business strategy, design, system implementation, and support.

Stimulating Fans Excitement

Many companies have various contacts with fans, but information are sent through various medias/channels to fans separately from each system. User information/experience are not unified.

It is necessary to first centralize the scattered fan information, connect and manage the events taking place with fans(including the ones taking place off-line). Fan engagement can be realized with the centralized data by visualizing customer journey, analyzing the consolidated information and forecasting to approach to adequate target group, from adequate channels, in the adequate timing.

Our Solutions

ABeam Consulting provides one-stop service by ABeam Cloud® to minimize the load of solution implementation for our clients.
We realize quick implementation of business template optimized for each industry.

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