CRM Measure Enhancement based on Predictive Analysis

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In recent years, the use of technologies such as data mining and machine learning has once again taken the spotlight as a state-of-the-art approach. This is due to advance of IT and cost reductions, that lead more and more efficient environment for massive amount of data. Also, the importance of the new approach aside of conventional BI analysis is increasing its recognition. The new approach is required to handle increasingly complexed customer's consumption behavior process.

ABeam Consulting uses state-of-the-art technologies such as data mining and machine learning to go beyond the “seeing” and “knowing” achieved through conventional BI analysis and to also provide advanced predictive analysis that contributes to the development of concrete improvement activities. ABeam Consulting also support company to enhance CRM measure.

Predictive Analysis for Maximizing Effectiveness

Predictive analysis differs from BI analysis from approach perspectives to predict the future. It also enables to support concrete measure deployment as well as proactive decision making to maximize the effectiveness. The utilization of these advanced predictive technologies is essential to improve CRM measure precision.

Examples of Predictive Analysis used for CRM Measures

Predictive analysis is the method to provide strong support to optimize CRM measures in marketing, sales and customer service areas as well as to maximize ROI of the measures. It is possible to perform in various industries.

Overview of Predictive Analysis (Analysis theme example: maximization of sales promotion campaign effectiveness)

Learning from past data to model (mathematical formula) the characteristics of customers who is likely to respond to sales promotion campaigns. This enables highly precise targeting of prospective customer and helps to maximize effectiveness.

ABeam’s Approach to Implement Predictive Analysis

We recommend a phased approach to full-fledged operation through the implementation of predictive measures and the verification of their effectiveness (Proof-of-Concept) to develop measures that produce concrete results and to put those measures into practical use.

What Makes ABeam Consulting Superior?

At ABeam Consulting, we organically combines our wealth of predictive analysis success cases, our unique methodology, the latest technologies, and consultants specializing in the analytics field to provide exceptional support for more advanced use of company data.

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