CRM Process Innovation with Self-learning AI Technology

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The pace of digitization is increasing, and companies need to be able to make even better use of their data. Customer conditions are constantly changing, so companies have to understand their customers, leverage data, and swiftly implement necessary measures. Conventional data analysis and usage is both time and labor intensive, which results in lost sales opportunities for prospective and existing customers, and the inability to take sufficient measures to lose sales opportunity and prevent customer churn. Other issues arise with respect to analysis itself, such as insufficient skills, a lack of system infrastructure for performing analysis, and insufficient data to analyze.

ABeam Consulting uses AI technology to solve these business issues, accelerating the data analysis process and deepening understanding of customers, while eliminating the time loss before initiating customer approach, supporting optimal one-to-one service for customers.

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We provide one-stop support for strategy proposal, business process formulation, infrastructure building, and business process operation aimed at producing enhanced CRM business processes using AI.

Key Reforms offered by This Solution

In the past, analysis business process and predictive model creation were performed by veteran analysis specialists. Analysis business processes and CRM business processes tended to be divided, making it difficult to immediately apply analysis results to the actual business field.
The implementation of AI technology has made it possible to reduce the time taken to initiate customer approach, automatically improve precision through the use of additional AI learning, and increase the productivity of business processes.

CRM Business Process Ideals

Ideally, in CRM business processes, personnel in charge of implementing company measures should dedicate themselves solely to customer approach business processes, and be capable of implementing approaches targeting individual customers based on channel, timing, and content recommended by high-precision preedictive models.

Deliberation Steps and Scope

A phasing approach is envisioned in which, first, data which is relatively easy to obtain and use is processed using AI to measure the effectiveness of measures, and then based on those results, full-fledged deployment and operation, including systematization, is deliberated on.

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