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Manufacturing is becoming more difficult for a number of reasons: demand for better than ever quality, ultra-short turnaround times, a declining labor workforce, retirement of a generation of skilled disciplined craftsmen, and the need to generate added value in a changing manufacturing environment. As Germany’s Industrie 4.0 leads the way towards utilizing IoT, AI, and other technologies to make manufacturing more digital, automated, and less labor intensive, a wave of manufacturing improvements utilizing connected equipment demands an effective response.
ABeam Consulting supports digitalization of the manufacturing workplace to achieve better product quality and productivity by means of proven IoT solutions, business scenarios, state-of-the-art analytics technologies, IoT platforms and a data-driven approach.

Room for improvement

Issues the manufacturing industry is continuously confronted by are, gaining the trust of the market through product quality (design, development and production), and needing to boost competitiveness through productivity.

IoT solutions improving product quality and productivity

Product quality and productivity are improved by utilizing insights gained through analysis of product, equipment and production process data.

Business issue resolution by data analytics and analysis model

IoT platform to incorporate data utilization into business process

From a variety of major cloud services, an IoT platform is selected for collection, compilation and analysis of product and plant sensor data, as well as all varieties of enterprise data. This platform is then fine-tuned and adapted to the specific business processes.

Cyclical business process optimization with automated fundamental analysis

We create systems for building analytical models, in which experts with knowledge and experience in, the latest data analysis technology, IT, and manufacturing; apply the cycle of analysis, result evaluation, and improvement to the targeted products, plants, and processes for analysis.
We then optimize the model for the client’s business processes and support you to incorporate it into your daily business.

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Satoshi Tachibana
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