Data Science Consultant

Job Description ;

  • Analyze data using statistical software and contribute to drive client growth
  • Summarize insight into an intelligible document and share it to client management and user
  • Manage work streams and priorities for projects
  • Contribute to company growth through assigned project works as well as corporate activities


Qualification ;

A. Data extraction

  • Can understand and write complex SQL queries to create a dataset.
  • Can understand ER diagrams with complex relationship.
  • Can calculate basic statistics such as mean, median, standard deviation and correlation coefficient.
  • Can handle outliers and null values with an appropriate manner.


B. Analysis

  • Can perform Multiple/Linear regression analysis, Logistic regression analysis, Decision tree analysis.
  • Can explain and use the cross validation for analysis.
  • Can understand how to use ROC curves and Confusion Matrix, and use AUC, GINI, etc. to evaluate the accuracy of predicted values.
  • Can understand and explain multicollinearity and its countermeasures.


C. Statistics (Option)

  • Can understand basic probability distributions (normal distribution, binomial distribution, Bernoulli distribution, Poisson distribution, etc.) and sample distribution (t distribution, chi-square distribution, F distribution, etc.), and calculate their statistical quantities.
  • Can understand point estimation and interval estimation methods and calculate estimated values.
  • Can understand the method of hypothesis testing and perform basic tests.


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