Digital Business Integration Consultant

Job Responsibility:

  • PIC of Technical Communication.
  • Facilitate discussion between the Client IT Team and Tech Mobility Solution vendor to identify issues in understanding caused by language or misunderstanding of their operations.
  • (Supported by Business Communication PIC) and to pro-actively drive discussion, proposing solutions and next steps to close open issues in the technical area (integration mostly and otherwise).
  • Support requirement definition, development, testing and pilot after go-live support for issues and activities that focus on the technical collaboration between Vendor and Client IT team as a central hub.
  • The main focus will be communication, listening and pro-active follow-up by retaining, adjusting and preparing all of the information shared between stakeholders during meetings.
  • Soft skills are more important than technical skills, but basic understanding of technical concepts is definitely required.

Required Skills/ Experience:

Mandatory :

  • Fluent in Bahasa and English.
  • Experience in facilitating technical workshops.
  • Experience in taking and reviewing minutes of meeting.
  • Strong logical and solution-oriented way of thinking (strategy consultant mindset).
  • Solid understanding of APIs (conceptual).
  • Basic understanding of technical design & documents.
  • Basic understanding of taxi business.
  • Strong mental disposure (thick skin).

Preferable :

  • Experience developing APIs.
  • Experience designing APIs.
  • Experience managing system tests.
  • In-depth knowledge of mobility and/or taxi business.
  • Experience working with overseas teams.
  • Experience running virtual workshops.
  • Knowledge of the Indonesian mobility and fleet market.

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