SAP Consulting

ABeam Consulting has been in a strong partnership with SAP Japan for over 20 years, and provides SAP consulting services to achieve our customers' transformation.

Advantages of our SAP Consulting Service

Industry and Service Expertise

Dedicated consultants provide various SAP consulting services to meet our customers' industry specific needs.

SAP-Certified consultants

With more than 3,900 of SAP validated certifications worldwide including 3,174, the largest number hold in Japan. As to the number of 1,204 for S/4HANA® consultant certification has also been validated by SAP as the highest number to count.(*)
We have established a proven track record with successful projects for a wide range of clients in various industries. The resulting accumulation of our expertise has enabled us to develop effective methodologies and templates which translate into optimal SAP consulting services for our clients.

*As of Dec., 2019.


SAP Consultant

Global Network

Our global network enables us to provide seamless consulting services to our customers, from system development, operation to maintenance, in order to help them achieve globalization.

Methodology and Templates

Using our methodology and templates based on our extensive experience, we provide high-quality service tailored to customer industry.

Extensive Experience

- Approximately 300 SAP consulting projects every year.
- The first Run SAP Implementation Partner in Japan
- Reputation in SAP operation and maintenance
- Service Partner Awards in SAP Award of Excellence

SAP Project Awards (2008 and after)

2017 Project Award :SOGO MEDICAL CO., LTD. [Accounting system renewal project ]
The Best Resource Partner
Top Managed Cloud Service
2016 Project of the Year Award :Epson Sales Japan Corporation [“‘Epson Smart Charge’ business development project” at Epson Sales Japan Corporation]
The Best Resource Partner
Industry Solution Drive
2015 Project Award :Kao Corporation [Mobile System Development for Field Operation Support]
The Best Resource Partner
2014 Project Award :Chiyoda Corporation [New global management system construction project]
The Best Service Partner
2013 Project Award : ASICS Corporation [Global MDM and Data visibility]
Top Resource Growth Award
The Best of Analytics
The Best of Database and Technology
2012 Service Partner Award
Project Award : GOLF DIGEST ONLINE [G10 Project]
Cloud Partner Award
SAP Focus Award
2011 Advanced Project Award :NEC Corporation [NEC G1 Project]
* Shared with NEC Corporation
2010 Project Award :
Kao Corporation [Blue Wolf 2009 SAP Project]
2009 Project Award :
Government Finance Agency [Accounting System Introduction Project]
2008 Project Award : Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.
Best SAP Enterprise SOA Implementation : MITSUI & CO., LTD.

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