ABeam Consulting to launch competitive racing support services using VR technology

ABeam Consulting Ltd. provides a wide range of support services using state-of-the-art digital technology to improve performance in the field of competitive auto racing through data gathering and analysis.

Most recently, ABeam Consulting has provided state of the art digital technology with production of VR Hero Cards for the Verizon IndyCar Series; a virtual-reality (VR) version of the autographed auto racing hero card that introduce drivers and their cars.

A VR App* provided by ABeam Consulting, introduces drivers and their cars in a 360-degree presentation with race video and sound. The result is a more immersive 3D experience than conventional 2D cards can provide.

Moving forward, ABeam will use the App to help improve racing performance giving drivers a better real-time visual understanding of the race car. This will be accomplished through the display of data gathered from the vehicle using VR cameras and IoT technology, such as tire temperature readings, tire surface and center of pressure, front-end load, steering wheel angle and ride height.

Details of these efforts are available at the official website of the Verizon IndyCar Series.

At ABeam Consulting, our aim is to combine our knowledge and experience in the sports industry, our expertise in data analysis and our consulting skills to provide innovative solution services.

  • *Patent pending (patent application No. 2018-133854, “Content Reproduction Control Program”)

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