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Team ABeam Sailing New Team Composition

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Team Team ABeam Sailing New Team Composition


Tokyo 2017/Feb./7 : Tokyo: ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Iwasawa, president) announced that decided to continue to support Team ABeam sailing crews through the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to take place in three years. In the men’s 470-class competition, Kazuto Doi’s newly selected partner will be Naoya Kimura, winner of the 2016 470-class Junior World Championship.Details of the new teams and partnership contracts with overseas teams are as follows.

We will appreciate your continued support to the team.


Kazuto Doi
Kazuto Doi
Naoya Kimura
Naoya Kimura


Manami Doi
Manami Doi
Laser Radial F

Partnership contracts with Olympic medalists

Team Australia

TSince 2013, a partnership contract has been in effect with Matthew Belcher and Will Ryan, the current No. 1 team on the worldwide ranking (as of Dec. 16, 2016), and silver medalists in the men’s 470-class competition at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
Training in both Australia and Japan provides opportunities to learn top world-class technique and strategy, taking team proficiency to the next level in the run-up to the medals race at the Tokyo Olympics.

L:Mathew Belcher
R:Will Ryan

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