Enterprise Mobile

Mobile use for business has emerged, along with use of cloud, social and big data. At ABeam consulting, we conceive of enterprise mobile as infrastructure to utilize and support enterprise applications, rather than mere use of mobile devices. We believe successful implementation of enterprise mobile requires comprehensive incorporation of business model, agile decision making, processes and technologies.

Enterprise Mobile for improved workforce capability and added values

Minimizing operational losses, delivering necessary information to workforces, and real-time information sharing. Enterprise mobile leads to productivity gain, speed of business, and value creation through collaboration.

From IT & business strategy proposal to mobile device implementation and operation

ABeam Enterprise Mobile Solutions (ABeam EMS)

At Abeam Consulting, we have a wealth of experience with enterprise systems implementation. This knowledge, and our proven track record of support for mobile technology use in diverse settings, can be put to work in supporting mobile systems implementation. Mobile technology is one aspect of digital transformation that can improve competitive advantage.

  • Mobile Strategy

    In formulating mobile strategies, we support creating a mid-to-long term roadmap that accounts for consistency with business and IT strategies while clarifying future directions. In order to promote effective mobile use, we support defining overall mobile strategies that covers 1)scope and deployment method, 2)operation and maintenance, and 3)enhancement or disposition plan for existing systems.
  • Mobile Application Development, Testing & Deployment

    The support we provide includes enterprise mobile application design tailored to specific work settings, system development and testing, device deployment, and user training. We develop a mock up application at early stage to verify feasibility of the system and usability of the application from the users' perspective. We utilize template approach for quick application development. We also support customers in adopting the latest architecture and systems, as well as establishing mobile development standards.
  • Mobile Platform

    On the mobile platform, we implement multiple back-end connections, Android, iOS and other multiple-OS, multiversion compatibility, and security measures that include application distribution and management, as well as authentication and encryption. We construct platforms that allow for future expandability and standardization while responding to current multifaceted systems and operational requirements such as renovation of systems using existing mobile phones and integration of back-end systems, as well as easing the burdens of systems maintenance and operation.
  • Mobile Security

    Our mobile security service includes 1)security level evaluation and security measurement planning, 2)selection, design and implementation of security solutions, 3)setting security definition and developing rules/process requried for BYOD and COPE programs.
  • Mobile Operation

    We help enterprises establishing company-wide mobile operation procedures, optimizing related costs, standardizing processes, and designing in-house or outsourced mobile operations such as consolidation of operation process.

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Kao Corporation

Kao Corporation

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