Data Analytics Advisory Services

Business Challenges of Data

The evolution of AI, ML, IoT technologies is magnifying how data is created and used by businesses.
Data-driven decision making has many challenges across business roles from the executive to middle management staff.

ABeam’s BI Approach

ABeam BI proprietary approach is based on “Improvement of Analytical Skills” and “Data Analytics System Deployment” to achieve results.
Traditional consulting approaches, in most cases, focus on either the improvement of analytic skills or data analytics system deployment, not both.

ABeam's approach supports improvement of data analytics by promoting both sides; improvement of analytic skills and the data analytics system deployment.

Stages of Project Process

ABeam’s BI approach considers each business problem and takes a phased approach.

Deployment of Organizational Structure based on Data Analytics

ABeam BI improves strategic feasibility and data analytics by creating an organizational structure that centrally manages data analytics executed by each division.

AI / ML Application (not using “Black Box”)

Generally with continuous usage of AI(Artificial Intelligence) / ML(Machine Learning) the businesses data will become harder to understand.

ABeam provides “white box” approach that integrates lifecycle of products, services, business and also the intelligence cycle.

Example of Problem Solving Approach using AI / ML

It is important to control AI / ML technology depending on the characteristics of issues in a business setting.
ABeam BI offers an approach using AI / ML more effectively based on the understanding that AI / ML technology should be managed as one component of the whole system.

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