Supporting new SaaS product business launches

Here we introduce a senior consultant who supports new business launches for products based on software as a service (SaaS), which clients look to as a new wellspring of profit.



Why ABeam ?


My previous job was with a major general electronics manufacturer, where I worked on systems engineering for financial institutions.
I sometimes got the sense there of how difficult it is for vertically segmented organizations to adopt speedy, flexible changes in response to changing times. So, from the broad-based perspective of solving issues for corporate clients, I sensed the appeal of a consulting firm where I would be able to demonstrate flexibility and speed in marshaling the project management experience I had accumulated in the systems development workplace.

That included the ability to perform crucial decision-making in Japan at a consulting firm from Japan. So I decided to Join ABeam, with its firmly rooted corporate culture of assigning desired projects to those who have the appropriate abilities.

Experiences in ABeam ~ Impressive Project~

The project that left the biggest impression on me involved supporting a new business launch for SaaS-based products at a major financial institution.
One issue facing the client was the saturation of domestic markets for existing business, resulting in their strong desire to launch new operations specializing in digitalization, thereby securing a new key revenue source. Although the client had the concept for the new business operation itself, they lacked the human resources necessary to launch and set it on the right trajectory. With the know-how built up through ABeam's voluminous track record of support for clients in a broad range of industries and business types, we assigned personnel with refined expertise as appropriate to each phase of the project. This enabled consistent support from the new business launch all the way through to scaling.
My role was to form a product out of the client's new business concept, and then scale it as a business operation in consideration of the market response. Specifically, we worked together with the client's internal product development team to develop a minimal viable product (MVP). We then utilized the network of firms the client does business with to approach customers to test the product and execute implementation in advance.
The struggle we had in moving the project forward was in cultivating the product as a new business operation while using the product to lead the companies implementing it to solutions of their problems. Specifically, by obtaining workplace feedback in the validation testing process and reflecting it in the product, we were able to reduce the management workload for inbound and outbound inventory by about 30%. We subsequently converted personalized tasks such as inventory management into data, thereby enabling data utilization and application with a view to reducing available overtime work hours and optimizing purchasing. Then we made full-fledged implementation proposals to management at the company where validation testing was performed. With our proposal, we conveyed the quantitative data obtained during validation testing, as well as the qualitative evaluations of those in charge in the workplace. This enabled them to determine that this is a tool which would contribute to more sophisticated management decision-making, and they decided to go ahead with full implementation.
What I consistently emphasized throughout this project was accurately understanding the needs of various industries and company types, and leading them to solutions to their problems. As a result, I think we will be able to support our clients' development and grow this into a major business operation in the future.

Future ~Growth Story~


My aim is to be a specialist in the sectors of new business operations and SaaS.
The reason is that it will enable me to advance projects with the discretionary power in creating products from scratch to start up new business operations, and in the process of marketing them as services. Against the backdrop of society's recent sudden digital shift, I think the need for new services using SaaS will rise to a new level. So my aim is to be a human resource capable of providing clients with total support in the new business sector by keeping my antenna up to detect client needs and industry trends while acquiring specialized skills in the marketing and sales sectors, not just systems development knowledge.

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