Outsourcing services that work seamlessly with information systems departments to support corporate growth and transformative change

Real systems operation and maintenance within the system lifecycle poses a great many issues. At ABeam Consulting, we work with the customer as a unified team, improving systems operation and maintenance, and going still further with services that lead to IT department growth and greater contribution to business management.

IT Department Challenges

The Cycle of Operation and Maintenance Improvement that Collaborative Outsourcing Brings

Collaborative Outsourcing

Our System for Supporting Efficient Operations by Working Together as a Unit with the IT Department

Rather than maintaining a division of roles in outsourcing, ABeam provides collaborative outsourcing in which we build long-term relationships with IT departments while supporting their efforts to contribute more to the company.

Characteristics of Collaborative Outsourcing

- Enables complementary relationships in which each partner firm can focus on its own unique or essential roles

- A comprehensive management function that covers all IT operations for an IT organizational structure that that can maintain outsourcing quality and prevent the development of an uncontrolled “black box” for costs.

Create IT Organizational Structures that Meet Corporate Needs

Case study

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Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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McCormick China
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Maruchan, Inc.

Maruchan, Inc
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Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries, Ltd.
Brother Industries, Ltd., a leading enterprise in the market of fax machine…

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