Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Competitive pressures require increasingly faster response to market changes, protecting against excess inventories, shortening Sales and Operations (SOP) planning cycles, and moving towards demand-driven supply chains with quick, dependable Available to Promise (ATP) commitments. Lower labor, material and logistics costs in emerging economies lead companies to shift or expand their production to other world locations.
One of the keys to achieve the enormous financial benefits in doing so, however, is overcoming the supply chain challenges of the extended global enterprise. Careful coordination is needed across world locations and suppliers to control processes, inventories, product life cycles and traceability from raw materials through point of sale.


ABeam’s international teams apply industry and country-specific knowledge to supply chain management, including new product development, after-sale service management and demand planning management. Our significant project experience ranges from overall global supply chain visioning to designing processes and creating rules for optimal SOP cycles and customer ATP.
Our approach to achieving your objectives starts with establishing a custom Industry FrameworkTM or "template" that standardizes your enterprise processes but adapts to local requirements at different world locations. We help you become more agile " balancing the challenges of global labor organizations with the needs of each facility.

Industry FrameworkTM is a trademark of ABeam Consulting, Ltd.