ABeam Cloud

ABeam Cloud is optimized Cloud utilization based on consulting services of expertise in business and processes.

5 Components Integrated;

The ABeam Cloud consists of five components integrated along with operational and maintenance components, provided as a unified service: 1. Business Applications, 2. Service Applications, 3. Infrastructure Services, 4. Security & Monitoring, and 5. Global Networks.
(Note: partial implementation possible at the time of system migration from existing systems, for instance, when necessary)

Cloud Issues

  • Cost
  • Reliability & Security
  • Support
  • Continuity

Proven Business Templates to enable Small-start

Business Applications
Best practices accumulated through consulting services are converted to templates for each industry and business area then provided as a cloud service.

Industries Covered, Retail, Food/Consumables, Public Sector, Real Estate, Railway/Distribution, Engineering, Trading Companies, High Tech

ABeam Cloud

  • Service Applications
    The latest tools and services that improve day-to-day system performance are used to makes systems more efficient.
    ABeam find latest tools and make them available as a Cloud service.
  • Infrastructure Services
    We partner with multiple cloud providers, design optimum cloud infrastructure by considering the characteristics and strengths of each.
  • Security & Monitoring
    Uniform security & monitoring management from networking to cloud data center to keep enterprise systems secured and stable.
  • Global Networks
    We provide broad, high-quality networks and smooth connectivity.

Services supporting Business Templates

Outsourcing Services
Operation & Maintenance

ABeam Cloud Features

Implementing Cloud System for Seamless Business Operations

The cloud services available today in the market are provided on a limited scope basis only, not sufficient to cover enterprise processes comprehensively. At ABeam, we apply industry and business templates incorporating best practices accumulated over years, in order to build cloud computing systems that seamlessly supports business processes.

Cloud Optimization Consulting

Even among companies that have adopted cloud computing, few utilizes it in a optimum manner. At ABeam, we improve cloud system and operation by achieving the overall balance through identifying processes that require the utmost effort, while overlooking industry and business processes. When implementing the cloud, we also focus on optimizing the business processes.


  • Business Applications

    • SAP templates
      • - Real Estate
      • - Trading companies
      • - Railway/Distribution
      • - Retail
      • - Public Sector
      • - Engineering
      • - Food/Consumables
      • - High Tech
    • Workforce management (WFM) cloud services
    • Infonova R6 (a customer/fee management solution)
    • Supply-demand cloud services
    • CMS cloud services
    • Indirect cost management
    • Production scheduling
    • Global talent Management
  • Service Applications

    • SAP system TCO reduction services (powered by Panaya)
    • Mobile test automation support services
  • Infrastructure Services

    We provide the opimum global cloud design for clients based on the multiple cloud providers.

    • AWS (amazon web services)
    • Microsoft Azure
    • IIJ GIO
    • NTT Communications Biz Hosting Enterprise Cloud
  • Security & Monitoring

    • Next-generation system monitoring infrastructure implementation service
    • Integrated cloud security implemensation service
  • Global Networks

    • Global network for cloud computing (Network As a Service)