Transform your Business by Keeping up with Trends - ABeam Cloud

・Everything on the Cloud (Systems development, Business consultant, Systems operation, IT consultant, Customer support) ・Small Start, No Prep Needed (No need to dedicate experts in each function)

Start business, with Cloud Computing

When launching a new business, you will need to gather and coordinate, with speed, all the collaborators you need to make it happen from multiple areas of expertise across your company. Supporting systems implementation is also a part of such effort. With cloud, there's no need to take on systems and application development for new services.
Business templates tailored to your industry/business processes combined with the expandable cloud system enables a timely start to your business.

ABeam Cloud supports the environment where you can concentrate on the new business process, freeing you from cumbersome non-core processes.

ABeam Cloud Features

  • Template:Reliable Templates per industry standards and accumulated expertise
  • Cloud:Start small to grow big enabled by flexible and agile cloud system

One Stop Service
integrating business application, infrastructure, network, security,
service application(automated test tool, etc.)

  1. 1. Business Template : Based on Best Practices accumulated over years & One-Stop Operation with smooth links across multiple processes
  2. 2. Technology : Small-start with State-of-the-Art IT Technology
  3. 3. Support : 24x7 Outsourcing Support for Cloud Operation

ABeam Cloud, supporting  businesses