Services Overview

Our specialists in each service area provide optimum solutions for client's needs and
support their business transformation.

  • Business

    We provide integrated service from the creation of strategies that are well-balanced in terms of “maximizing corporate value,” “competitive superiority,” and “feasibility and viability” to the realization of those strategies.

  • Enterprise

    We provide integrated services from the planning to the development of IT systems that will ensure maximum achievement of the intended objectives.
    We will utilize our proven methodology and industry-specific templates to enable the development of quality, cost-effective systems.

  • Outsourcing

    Even after the system is running, we will conduct safe, secure and cost competitive operation / maintenance.
    We provide not just simple system operation and maintenance but assistance in realizing business transformation through practical outsourcing.

    • Strategy
      We provide support for maximizing corporate value and establishing competitive priorities as well as setting basic concepts for realizing strategic objectives and creating the corresponding execution plan.
    • Business Transformation (Change Management)
      We integrate all the required elements, including processes, information technology, human resources, and organizations to solve business problems. We are committed to achieving the strategy for transformation.
    • Human Capital Management (HCM)
      We provide comprehensive consulting that includes human resources and organizational transformation strategies, systems, operations, and information technology to establish business superiority.
    • Environmental Solution
    • Business Intelligence
      We perform data analysis operations using a variety of in-house and external data, identify mathematical models and operations principles, and provide knowledge and insight.
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      We provide support for organizing and solving problems from the standpoint of maximizing corporate value while being customer oriented and transforming company operations into customer-oriented management.
    • Financial Management & Control (FMC)
      We establish accounting, financial, and management control processes to provide detailed and timely accounting information while stressing a good balance between control and efficiency.
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
      We provide integrated support from strategy creation to installation and operation to increase the supply chain visibility and communality.
    • Enterprise Mobile
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • ABeam Cloud
      ABeam Cloud is optimized Cloud utilization based on consulting services of expertise in business and processes.
    • IT Management (ITM)
      We handle IT operations from the building of the corporate information infrastructure to the protection of personal information and the strengthening of internal controls to support the entire IT lifecycle from management to utilization of information assets.
    • Outsourcing
      We provide the range of outsourcing you would expect from a consulting firm that aims to expand corporate value focusing on business going forward as well as system operation and maintenance.
    • SAP Consulting
      SAP-certified Consultants help project from development to operation and maintenance. We provide high-quality services using our unique templates and enables short-time implementation and cost reduction.
    • M & A Advisory Services
      We assist in resolving such issues as compatibility with strategy, purchase price reasonableness, and achieving post-M&A value to improve overall corporate value.