Service operations start in Penang

Penang is located in the Northern Region of Malaysia. The Northern Region has several large industrial zones and there not less than 100 SAP installed bases within this region. Although most of them are MNCs where decisions on implementation may be made in their respective corporate headquarters, we see opportunities where customers here require local support.

We believe our Penang office offers a pool of SAP consultants for customers in the Northern Region as well providing AMS services to customers in other parts of Malaysia and overseas. We believe that we should be able to provide our services through AMS contract for the existing SAP client base in KL. We also provide our services for fresh SAP implementations in the Northern Region to both local and MNC companies who are expanding their operations into the Northern Region. Since ABeam is also an SAP Education partner now, we also provide sizeable training services for this region.

The Penang office starts on 14th, May 2014 with an initial pool of about 5 consultants. We hope to grow to 30-40 consultants in Penang within 2-3 years. The Penang office is led by Gim Leong, who has many years of SAP experience, specifically in the area of Logistics and Production Planning.

Company name: ABeam Consulting (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Penang Office
Address: Unit 1.2, 1St Floor, Wisma Leader, No 8, Jalan Larut, 10050, Penang, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 4 210 0991
Managing Director: Akio Suzuki

The entrance of Penang office