Industries Overview

We have accumulated the best practices for the respective industries.
Consultants knowledgeable of the conditions and markets in the respective industries utilize
their extensive experience to provide the optimum services.

  • Finance

    We provide quick development and delivery of solutions
    to deal with the rapid changes in the financial markets.

    Our consultants with vast experience in strategy, operation and information technology in the financial industry, support the resolution of management issues in response to the rapidly changing economic environment while sharing the common awareness of the issues as a Real Partner to our clients.
    We provide a wide range of solutions to meet their needs, such as planning business and operations strategies.

  • Manufacturing

    We provide the best solutions for
    strengthening global market competitiveness.

    Fully utilizing the benefits of being a global consulting firm with its origins in Japan, we support the global strategies of our clients to enhance their international competitiveness.
    We provide practical services that solve the issues facing the manufacturing and consumer business industries whether the challenge is global supply chain restructuring; setting business, operations, and systems strategies; fundamental work renovation utilizing ERP; system integration accompanying mergers and acquisitions; strategic procurement; or implementing supplier management.

  • Social Infrastructure
    and Services

    We provide diverse solutions that take into account
    diversified needs and the changing social environment.

    In addition to our commitment to building business and social infrastructures, we assist our clients in resolving a broad range of management tasks, including meeting diversified their needs and strengthening services, responding to change in the business environment and enhancing competitiveness, and making operations more efficient.