Helping Keio respond effectively to client needs with
the ABeam Cloud Real Estate Solution (ACRES)

Keio Corporation. selected ABeam Consulting Ltd. as a partner, due to its proven track record in the real estate industry, for quick and flexible adaptation of Keio services to the changing needs of markets and clients. The ABeam Cloud Real Estate Solution (ACRES) was effectively implemented for Keio Corporation.

Transformation of the lease management system with ACRES

Under its group slogan, “With you, for a new tomorrow,” Keio Group’s 45 member companies led by Keio Corporation operate businesses in transportation, distribution, real estate and leisure-services, as well as five other industries. Based in western Tokyo, Keio Group has its starting point in Shinjuku, where it aims to develop highly desirable residential and commercial areas along its railroads with multifaceted business utilizing the comprehensive strengths of approximately 20,000 employees working at the group.
The real estate business that constitutes one facet of its diverse operations, focuses on the initiative that supports the creation of a prosperous and comfortable living environment through building and land sales, purchases, leasing and renovation. Keio Group marshals its full capabilities in working to promote the supply of community-oriented quality products and services. As the previous lease management system which Keio Group had been using since 2007 reached its maintenance date, a project was established to review its operations and systems. ABeam Consulting was selected as the partner best able to accomplish such a project, and the ABeam Cloud Real Estate Solution (ACRES) was adopted as the needed solution.

Major Issues

  • On-premises servers needed to be replaced every five to seven years
  • Unable to adapt to increasingly complex contract types, growth in operations outside the system
  • Lack of data made report production time-consuming and troublesome
  • A CSV data process was required to link with the accounting system

User Profile

Client Outline
  • Company name:
    Keio Corporation
  • Location:
    1-9-1 Sekido, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-8502
  • Established:
    June 1, 1948
  • Services:
    Transportation business
    Real estate, merchandise sales, etc.
  • Capital:
    $yen;59.023 billion
Project Outline
  • Outline:
    Implementation of ABeam Cloud Real Estate Solution (ACRES), utilizing ABeam’s experience and proven track record in the real estate industry, has streamlined lease management solutions installed in the systems of Keio Corporation and Keio Realty & Development Co.
  • Software:
    ACRES (ABeam Cloud Real Estate Solution)