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ABeam Templates

ABeam templates are solutions that comprise the business processes, requirement definition documents, and operating environment, based on our experience from a diverse range of projects.

We provide a broad lineup of ABeam templates for each industry and business function, including the "Supply and Demand Template", "Railway Template", "Trading Company Template" and many more, all comprising the business processes, the standard documents, and the systems’ operating environment based on our past projects experiences. Compared with implementation of a package software provided by overseas companies or development of a new solution service from scratch, using the ABeam templates will reduce time, difficulties of system implementation and allow for a flexible upgrade according to demands for future improvements.

ABeam Templates Overview

ABeam Templates Overview

Types of ABeam Templates

  • Engineering
  • Food / Consumer Packaged Goods
  • High Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Trading
  • Railway / Transportation
Business Functions
  • Supply and Demand
  • Financial Management & Control
  • Human Capital Management

Cloud Service of ABeam Templates

  • Supply and Demand
  • Railway / Transportation
  • Real Estate

Cloud-based "Supply and Demand Template" and "Railway and Transportation Template" "Real Estate" are also available. The combination of cloud services and ABeam template services reduces the cost of our clients’ initial investment and allows our clients’ business transformation to be carried out much faster and more efficiently.

ABeam Method

ABeam Method consists of a proprietary ABeam Consulting methodology that covers the full project lifecycle.

The ABeam Method consists of six types of methodologies that are derived from our extensive experience and successes. By applying ABeam Method, we not only deliver project on time and on budget but also assure a successful business transformation of our clients.
Following are some values that we provide to our clients with ABeam Method.

  • Visualization of complex operational processes
  • Achievement of high-quality and consistent project results
  • Smooth communication based on common languages and shared understanding

ABeam Method Lineup

ABeam Method Lineup

ABeam Method Structure

ABeam Method Structure

Types of ABeam Method
  • Project Management
  • Transformation Visioning
  • Change Management / Training
  • BPR and ERP Integration
  • Transformation by Custom Development IT Implementation
  • Service and Operation

Industry Framework®

Industry Framework® defines the standard model of business processes for various industries.

Industry Framework® defines the industry standard model for business processes that we have developed over many years by accumulating experience and expertise. It covers a wide range of industries and business Functions. Using Industry Framework® allows the firm establishment of best practices of unique requirements in each industry by allowing the following.

  • To efficiently analyze current business operation
  • To design a comprehensive to-be standard business processes by comparing the current business processes with the standard model

Contents of Industry Framework®

Contents of Industry Framework®