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Team ABeam qualified as Japan representative to 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

Tokyo 2015/July/13 : Team ABeam, Doi/Imamura pair, finished strong at the 8th position in "470 European Championships" held in Denmark during June 29 through July 4. The result was at the top among Japanese participants, and led to the third consecutive qualification of the Team ABeam to Japan representative position of the Olympic Games. The team aims to win the first medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

We will appreciate your continued support to the team.

Team ABeam

  • Kimihiko Imamura
    470 Sailing Crew

  • Kazuto Doi
    470 Sailing Skipper

  • Manami Doi
    Laser Radial F

Partnering with an overseas team

R:Mathew Belcher L:Will Ryan

Team Australia(Mathew Belcher & Will Ryan)

Team ABeam has invited Team Australia (Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan), ranked the No.1 team in the world, to its partnership program.
By practicing with these champions, members of Team ABeam will have a chance to hone their techniques and mental toughness at a world-class level.