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The 2015 edition of our Public Relations Report “ABeam” is now available on-line for your review. Its rich content covers progresses we made this past fiscal year (April 2014 through March 2015), while also presenting the views of our consultants on solutions to management issues.

The globalization of corporate activities has repeatedly evolved over time. This evolution has now reached a stage of “global optimization,” the achievement of local market compatibility together with global scale. How can a Japanese business establish advantages amid continuously evolving globalization? In this issue, we present five perspectives from ABeam Consulting focusing on how businesses can contend with increasingly intense global competition.

This issue also addresses key points of consideration, as well as ground-level issues that need overcome, when utilizing cloud computing for further business innovations. This is particularly relevant now that cloud computing is becoming ever more prevalent as a means of achieving more rapid, flexible management.

We hope you will find it useful in the day-to-day execution of your business.


  • Message from Management

    Supporting customers’ transformation for their next step in globalization,
    by always staying close and cohering to customers
  • ABeam Consulting Digest (From April 2014 through March 2015)

  • ABeam Consulting’s Perspectives:Evolving globalization-How can Businesses Establish Advantages?

    • 1 [Formulating strategies to fight against increasingly severe global competition]
      Building competitive advantage through repeated business model reconfiguration is the source of sustained growth
    • 2 [Competitive advantage improved through global CRM]
      “Japanese Quality” customer management delivers a level of competitive advantage second to none
    • 3 [Rebuilding SCM - challenges for global standards]
      Points of attention for Japanese businesses when rebuilding SCM that meets global standards
    • 4 [Accounting that supports aggressive business strategies]
      Accounting is a universal language for deciphering global management
      Advances support aggressive business strategies
    • 5 [Next-generation management infrastructure to accelerate global strategies]
      Management infrastructure with speed and flexibility to achieve aggressive business strategies
  • Case Study:TOTO Ltd.

    Building a management infrastructure system to enable visualization of global management information
  • Special feature:Strategic Use of Cloud Computing

    -[Special Roundtable Discussion] What does strategic cloud use provide for business innovation
    -Harmful effects arising from cloud use and approaches for solutions
    -Three requirements of successful cloud use
    -ABeam Cloud
  • Region Report

    -ASEAN:Don’t Overlook the Mekong Trade Area
    -JAPAN:On the Front Lines of Energy Deregulation
  • CSR at ABeam Consulting

  • Montedio Yamagata(J. League) /Team ABeam(Sailing)

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